Though this year might look very different than most, we can assure you our work with Sacramento’s unhoused population has stayed consistent and effective. In 2020, SSHH’s new PRTS program, a partnership with HOPE cooperative (formerly known as TLCS) and Sacramento County, has housed 19 recently homeless families in stable and permanent housing.

Continuing with the theme, we would like to tell you about the Shainer-Wyatt family.

John and Alecia Shiner have been together for 13 years. John had a good job and a steady source of income until the IRS took everything. “We had a choice between feeding our kids and paying rent. We chose to feed our kids and got evicted.” Unfortunately, as they were getting evicted, child protective services took their two children.


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This started John and Alecia’s journey as a homeless couple trying to secure housing, a source of income, and to get their kids back. They lived on “the island” in Discovery Park for two years while their kids lived in foster care. John and Alecia agreed, this was a low point for them. They became immersed in and supported by the encampment in Discovery Park. It was a doubtful advantage. They needed the support from their unhoused friends to survive but felt like the longer they stayed and the more they got immersed, the farther they fell away from their children and a life off the street.

Eventually, after nearly two years, John and Alecia started staying at the VOA Shelter. They volunteered during the day and stayed in the shelter by night. It took some time to adjust, but John and Alecia trusted a Hope Cooperative Case Manager that took an interest in their CPS case. It took three months, but John and Alecia met all the court-ordered guidelines while simultaneously securing permanent housing with the help of SSHH.

John and Alecia have had a lot of ups and downs. They have spent a lot of time dreaming about what they would do after they got their family together and secured permanent housing. Now they do not have to dream, thanks to their hard work and the services provided by SSHH’s PRTS Program; this is John and Alecia’s reality. In October, they moved into the apartment pictured above. When asked about their goals now that they have housing, John and Alexis both gave out a sigh of relief as to say, “finally we get to look forward.” John responded first,’”I want to get a good-paying job with benefits so I can get my family good healthcare and start school saving accounts for all of the kids.” Alicia went next, “I want to help my kids overcome the trauma they experienced in foster care.”
John and Alecia’s story has become commonplace in our housing programs. SSHH operates 250 permanent supportive and transitional housing units in Sacramento and San Joaquin County. These programs provide services to approximately 400 cases per night. 200 veterans received housing. 400 seniors received shelter, and 100 transitioned to a life of permanent housing.

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