SSHH first met Susan in 2009. She entered our Permanent Supportive Housing Program after stays with the Salvation Army and New Star Recovery Home. "I lived on the street for almost 10 years." She said. "I had two cars impounded during that time, it made sleeping and making money difficult."

Following 6 years in our program, her case managers Annie and Tahiri (now SSHH Director of Operations and SSHH Rental Property Director) helped her apply for subsidized housing through the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA). They waited patiently until her name came up on the list, they got a response. A one-bedroom apartment all to her self.

Today, Susan will soon be celebrating 5 years of permanent housing thanks to her perseverance and the awesome work of our staff. She loves her apartment and can be found hosting potlucks with the neighbors, playing billiards with her grandchild, and reading. 

Often times homelessness is the result of a single circumstance. An unpaid utility bill, broken down car, or emergency doctors appointment can lead to disaster. With almost 30% of all renters in the United States spending half of their income on housing, the stakes are always high for our community's most vulnerable.

For Tanille having her own bike meant transportation to her job, a way to see her children, and most importantly, the peace of mind associated with her own independence. After receiving a bike from our RHS team, Tanille was able to get her life back together by holding down a full-time job in her neighborhood and making it to her medical appointment. SSHH caseworkers expect Tanille to be on her way to permanent housing in no time. 

Tanille's growth has inspired us. For some program participants, they are a bicycle away from independent living. And we want to deliver. If anyone would like to deliver a bike or bike parts, please contact us. We are accepting all related donations. 



Gus and June are now happily living in their own apartment with their cat Gabbi. After 3 months in our county-funded scattered-site emergency shelter program, Gus and June are focused on the future.

What's next for Gus and June? Well, they are getting ready to finance a car. 

Gus and June successfully transitioned from homelessness to permanent housing for a few reasons.

First, they worked with our case managers to overcome barriers to permanent housing. Everyone needs an ID to apply for housing. SSHH caseworkers helped them get a free ID from the DMV so to meet rental application requirements

Second, June signed up for SSI and saved in our program. The scattered-sight program does not charge its clients rents. Rather, it demands that program participants prepare for living independently and sustainable. In this case, Gus and June saved for the upcoming security deposit and first and last month's rent and a car so Gus can get back to work.  

In terms of transitioning the recently homeless into a life of sustainable, independent, safe, and affordable permanent housing, our county funded scattered-site program offers a number of significant advantaged. Find out more here!



Meet Bud. Bud grew up in Arden Arcade, and found himself homeless and hopeless following his mother's death. After 6 years on the street, he found his dog Emily and not soon after Sacramento Self-Help Housing. Bud found Emily, or Emily found Bud as he sees it, the night he contemplated suicide. Since his outlook on life has changed for the better.

"Don't be afraid to smile," Bud said, holding up his journal as I snapped the picture. Bud keeps a record of everyone that has ever helped him. And now that he's found stable housing, he's looking forward to spending more time saying thank you.

Bud is part of our Permanent Supportive Housing Program. To learn more about this program. Check out the webpage here


Meet Lissa. July 22nd is her birthday. This year, Lissa has a lot to celebrate now that she has a roof over her head and a bed to sleep on thanks to her hard work and SSHH's partnership with the Sacramento County - Government. After 2 years of living on the street and over 10 years of heroin addiction, she decided enough was enough and responded to the Sacramento Park Rangers prescription to receive treatment for her addiction and work with our staff to find housing. Good luck Lissa, and enjoy your birthday in your new home!


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