Green Fair Apartment

701 Fairgrounds Drive Sac, Sacramento, CA, 95817
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Subsidized Senior Independent living only one bedroom apartment. HUD subsidized. Pets allowed with sliding scale pet fee.

Contact Details

  Phone Number :  916-456-6420

Starting Prices

  Water/Garbage/Sewer :  Landlord Pays

# of Rooms

  # of Rooms :  1


  Income Criteria :  2 times the Rent
  No evictions allowed
  Accepts Good Credit (660+)
  Accepts bankruptcies

Living Details

  Living Situation :  Co-Ed
  Elevator Available

Pets Information

  Pets Allowed :  Yes

Criminal History Acceptances

  Accepts Misdemeanors
  No Violence-Related Crime
  No Drug-Related Crime : 

No felonies, no sex offenders accepted. Misdemeanor on a case by case bases. 

For Senior Properties

  Senior Living Age Requirement :  62+
  Mobility :  Ambulatory, Wheelchair Access

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