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Our Mission

Sacramento Self Help Housing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that assists individuals and families who have insufficient resources for adequate housing. We help people who are homeless, in crisis, or have special needs to find stable, affordable housing. We have numerous programs for this purpose that includes permanent supportive housing, transitional housing, financial education, tenant-landlord helpline, housing counseling, and community development.


Sacramento Self-Help Housing (SSHH) began in 1990 as a housing counseling service out of Loaves & Fishes. At that time, the focus was to help homeless guests and others in the community navigate the rental housing market. Later that year, recognizing the need for a new model of housing its clients, SSHH began a shared housing program named "Friendship Housing". In 2000, we became recognized as a non-profit. SSHH continues to expand its housing and service-oriented programs while trailblazing the Housing First model.

Board of Directors

  • Ethan Evans, Chairperson
  • Martin Radosevich, Vice-Chairperson
  • Bruce Lofgren, Treasurer
  • Abbie Totten, Secretary
  • Tim Stoecklein
  • Anne Brown
  • Regina Vasquez
  • Josh Albert
  • Ted Cobb
  • Fatemah Martinez

Executive Staff 

  • Robert Spurlock, Chief Executive Officer*
  • Elizabeth Hudson, Chief Operating Officer*
  • Cecilia Min, Chief Financial Officer*
  • Tahirih Kraft, Director of Housing Services 
  • Ken Bennett, Director of Development and Community Outreach*
  • Jeremy Baird, Director of Interim Housing 
  • Anne-Marie Hooper, Director of Operations 

*SSHH Leadership Team

SSHH's Non-Discrimination Policy

SSHH Always Appreciates your generous donations that help achieve our mission!

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