Our Mission

Sacramento Self Help Housing assists persons who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless to find and retain stable and affordable housing. 


Our Board of Directors

  • Ted Cobb, President
  • Jim Swanson, Vice President
  • Bruce Lofgren, Treasurer
  • Karen Edwards, Secretary
  • Ron Javor
  • Tim Stoecklein
  • Anne Brown
  • Gilbert Perez
  • Regina Vasquez
  • John Foley, Executive Director, SSHH

Our Programs

Housing Resources

Every month, Housing Resources obtains information regarding rental cost, policies and vacancies for over 300 housing complexes. Each month, our staff also addresses the housing needs of over 200 people by utilizing this information to make appropriate housing referrals.


Outreach to Homeless

Sacramento Self Help Housing reaches out to homeless men and women living in makeshift camps in local communities. Working with police departments less interested in citing the homeless than in offering them suitable alternatives, SSHH is visiting camps in Citrus Heights and Rancho Cordova to meet with the campers, assess their needs and appropriateness for possible programs and services, and whenever possible, refer them to available mental health services, medical care, financial aid, and shelter and housing options.


Friendship Housing & Friendship Housing Expansion

Providing permanent supportive housing to 64 chronically homeless individuals in houses scattered throughout Sacramento County, SSHH offers case management and a chance for our clients to rebuild their lives in a safe, supportive environment--a home!  Each house has a house leader and as many as six individuals live in a house. Weekly case management focuses on case plans that can include a number of goals, including reunification with family, health and dental care, obtaining disability benefits, enrolling in school, seeking employment, and obtaining mental health services. 


Serial Inebriate Program

The Serial Inebriate Program (SIP) is a partnership between Sacramento Self Help Housing,  Sutter Health, the Downtown Sacramento Partnership, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office, the Sacramento Police Department and Volunteers of America. SSHH provides the permanent supportive housing and case management to the clients once they have graduated the program’s mandatory 90 days at the Volunteer of America’s Comprehensive Alcohol Treatment Program (detox).  They are encouraged to pursue medical treatment, mental health recovery and improved nutrition. Recovery is also offered, but the model of care is “harm reduction” in which sobriety is not required prior to beneficial services being offered. Recovery is offered, but the model of care is “harm reduction” in which sobriety is not required prior to beneficial services being offered. SIP received national recognition for its “excellent impact in the community” at the 2013 Charitable Services Conference and Awards Banquet in Atlanta.


Homeless Prevention

Sacramento Self Help Housing has contracted with the cities of Citrus Heights, Elk Grove and Rancho Cordova to work with residents who need assistance with issues involving their landlords.  We do not offer legal advice.  We provide support, guidance, and often serve as a communication bridge for the tenant and landlord to resolve whatever the problem may be to allow the tenant to remain in their home. If the situation is untenable, we then provide housing location assistance. Our success rate in preventing homelessness with this service is above 90%.

SSHH Always Appreciates your generous donations that help achieve our mission!

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